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SAARKIE consists of three beautiful, talented musicians.

From left to right:
Erika Pretorius - bass and keyboard and backing vocals (COPA - Keyboard and bass)
Adèle Fouché- guitar, harmonica and lead vocals (BA Music - University of Pretoria)
Lila Botha - drums and backing vocals (Bio kinetics - University of Pretoria)
All three are from the East Rand but reside in Pretoria
SAARKIE has made massive waves in the South African music industry over the past ten years and can be described as the country’s current favourite female rock group. This Ghoema (Best Rock Album of the Year, Best Album by a Group or Duo, Group of the Year)- and SAMA (Best Rock Album)-nominated trio are responsible for every aspect of their music and offers their listeners a unique, energetic, explosive music style that testifies of their talent, passion and synergy. Their funky electric-acoustic rhythm, solos and stage presence attracts audiences of all ages to join in with dancing.
Since the very beginning, this group has already made their mark at all the big South African music festivals such as Aardklop, KKNK, STRAB and Innibos and has also shared the stage with some of the country’s most famous artists like Karen Zoid, Klopjag, Van Coke Kartel, Francois van Coke,m  Steve Hofmeyr, Kurt Darren, Die Heuwels Fantasties, The Parlotones, Eden and Pieter Koen.
They have also been appeared in respectable publications such as Beeld, Vrouekeur, Huisgenoot, Kampus Beeld, Die Burger, Die Laevelder and many more.
SAARKIE were seen on various television programs such as: Dis Hoe Dit Is Met Steve, MK Live, Fiesta, Expresso, Jou Show with Emo Adams, kykNET Top 20, kykNET JAM, Lekker TV, Jam Sandwhich, CNBC Africa and Skole Top 10. “Working with Okmalumloolkat on Jam Sandwhich was awesome. We only had four hours to create a song that was good enough to play on television. We couldn’t speak his language and he couldn’t speak ours, but we found each other soon enough and created a cool collaboration,” they reveal.
SAARKIE often does radio interviews and have impressed listeners, with their talent and music videos, across the country and even in New Zealand.
The group released their debut album, Luister, in 2009.
Their second album, Identiteit, was released in March 2011.Identiteit describes a metaphoric journey that each one of us has to undergo in order to discover our own identities. The album represents self-confidence and encourages the listener to find, and explore their own identity” says SAARKIE. The album also features a track that was written by die country’s most famous rocker, Jan Blohm. Nader Aan My was well-received and immediately started climbing the charts. “It was an absolute honour and a highlight of our career to have been able to work, and be associated with such a huge artist as Jan Blohm. We are very excited about the song and it suits SAARKIEʾS vibe perfectly,” the girls say.
Album number three, Reisiger, was released in March 2015.
Five of the album tracks are frequently heard on the radio and the title track was number one on the Wild Coast FM Top 40, while the single, Kamers van my Hart, currently occupies the number three spot on that same hit list. The latter was also featured on the Skole Top 10 and the music video has also made its mark on kykNETʾs Top 20.
SAARKIE released  their fourth album “Queen van die Toorbos” in Sept 2017  which is not just positively received, but also proved why this group will have "forever" a place on the South African stage. The song  VIR ALTYD  was the first release.  Vir altyd builds on the electrically-acoustic, burst-out-of-your-seams, winning recipe for which this group has become famous and can be described as a mix of modern Pop and Rock. The song was written by Adèle Fouché and Mjön van Blommestein and represents the good place in which the Saarkies find themselves. "Everyone has something they want forever in their lives, even if you're just dreaming of meeting with such a person. The song tells of someone's desire to live his or her dreams with this person, forever ..., “they said enthusiastically. “We think people will love it because the universal message speaks with young and old. It's also one of those songs where everyone can dance and sing.”
According to them, listeners can look forward to new sounds, such as piano and cello music that have been incorporated into certain ballads and fun guitar solos in the Rock songs. Eleven original tracks and three performances of well-known favourites, such as Stille Waters (Laurika Rauch), I'm On Fire (Bruce Springsteen) and Beds are Burning (Midnight Oil), form part of the playlist and the title song is singled out as their favourite. "The lyrics tell an exciting fictitious story, with a surprising storyline. Instrumentally, this is an exciting song to perform and we are especially fond of the harmonica. Best of all, Queen van die Toorbos gets an energetic response from the audience and we are mad about that feeling, "they explained.”It's a pop rock album, with a SAARKIE approach. It contains words for the heart, energy for the soul ... and solos galore! "
Over the sea, also from the new CD, is inspired by stories, which their friends who worked on ships have shared with them. "It's about how to sail to a distant place to make your dreams come true. The adventure of the sea, and the mystery that lies on the opposite shore. The song has a reggae feel, almost like UB40, with beautiful harmonies, a nice rhythm and a beautiful melody. It almost feels like you're sitting next to the beach with a cocktail when you listen, "she said. The music video was filmed at the STRAB music festival in Mozambique, and last year released on YouTube as a teaser for the new album.
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